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We work to create competitive advantage and value for our clients by focusing on operational excellence and business opportunities. Our target markets are energy companies and energy consumers for whom energy management should be of strategic importance.

We are engineers and our approach is that of entrepreneurs. We think, create, model and deliver working solutions. This is what drives us in putting to action our energy market expertise: generate ideas to create value, convert them into well scoped projects, analyze requirements in depth, model tailored solutions, manage the projects to delivery and ensure operational success.




Every project leverages one of the capabilities depicted below. We solve both financial and technical problems, but always adhere to an engineering approach, embracing simplicity to construct elegant solutions with strong fundamentals. Our rigorous validation process focuses on holistic, unambigious and tailor-made results. When applicable, we apply standardized methods and notations such as Lean, Six Sigma, PMI/PRINCE2, BPMN and UML. We have ample experience in documenting, synthesizing and presenting projects, aiming to transfer knowledge to our clients. Our services are contracted in various forms including strategy consulting, project implementation and operational follow-up.

Business Analysis

We identify, abstract and resolve business problems. Boasting an end-to-end philosophy, our activities include Requirements Analysis,  Business Casing, Business Process Reengineering and Functional Analysis. 

Data Analytics

Our data-driven culture focuses on rapidly identifying the right data sources. Next, we build models and extract insights by combining industry knowledge and advanced capabilities in excel, SQL and computer programming.

Market Economics

We employ our mastery of market economics in predictive modelling and scenario-based simulations. The results are employed in both strategic decisions and operational optimizations.

Project Management

We ensure project completion through stakeholder management, risk assesments and the future-proof definition of scope and planning. Furthermore, we represent and assist clients in meetings with external parties such as in vendor selection or contract negotiations.

Change Management

We define change management strategies, identify impact on stakeholders and deliver transformation by turning transition strategies into clear-cut project plans. We realize change by correctly re-allocating resources, roles and responsibilities.

Software Engineering

Our prototypes assist in financially sound decision-making for large IT projects and act as a rapid response to commercial opportunities, legislative changes or competitor moves. In larger projects, we assume project manager, analyst and architect roles.


About Us

irex Consulting is a straightforward business engineering consultancy specialized in the energy industry.

We are experts in energy market dynamics and processes, consumer challenges and energy technologies.

Further to our consultancy activities, we are actively building energy management and control software.

Our Clients

Energy market players - Our consultancy services range from strategic advice over business operations engineering down to energy technology design.

Large energy consumers - As experts in energy engineering, we adopt a fully integrated approach and assist our clients from idea sizing to project implementation.


irex Consulting
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47 Boulevard Saint Michel 1040 Brussels, Belgium

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