Strategy & Business

We master energy market processes and roles along the value chain - production, sourcing & trading, grids, supply.



The energy scenery is transforming rapidly, both locally and globally, giving rise to opportunities while at the same time putting pressure on present operations. We consult all type of energy players and are experienced in either leveraging business opportunities and tackling operational challenges. We keep up with latest market trends and decisions to deliver right-sized and future proof results.

Market Processes

We are skilled in the processes of market structuring, operations, metering and settlement - MIG 4 and 6 - and have ample knowledge regarding Transmission System Operators operations and access codes. We are active in energy retail billing, cost allocation and margin calculation.

Sourcing & Trading

We are experts in developing sourcing strategies, leveraging knowledge on products and market liquidity across European Power and Gas Exchanges, including imbalance markets. We have a track in optimizing and operating production and supply portfolios.

Marketing & Sales

We outline business models to help our clients enter new markets and launch disruptive products and services. We have a track in building customer intelligence programs to support strategic marketing activities and boost sales. Moreover, we have extensive experience in defining and delivering digitalization and e-services projects.


Technology Implementation

We employ energy technologies to have consumers profit from a sustainable, cost-efficient and reliable energy supply.




Strategy and Investment

Any healthy energy policy for a large consumer must be built from the combination of market intelligence with an in depth profiling of the consumer's energy usage. Our profile analysis techniques yield fundamental insight in any consumption profile at all levels of aggregation, enabling us to identify the right set of potentially profitable measures. By means of detailed financial profitability calculations we issue the most beneficial overall investment strategy.

Technology Sizing and Implementation

We are proficient in energy production technologies and have sound knowledge of the energy aspects of complex industrial processes. We use our electric and thermodynamic expertise as a lever to assess, study and size the right technology to match our customer's current and future requirements. We can lead the implementation phase and take care of permitting, construction follow-up and commissioning.

Legislation and Value Maximisation

In the context of the EU directive on energy efficiency, giving rise to the EBO in Flanders, we accompany industrial consumers as energy experts in the engineering and implementation of their energy plan and CHP feasibility studies. In a broader perspective, we always monitor regulatory and legislative changes to maximize investment profitability.


Product Development

We engineer optimisation software for a better energy management and control in demanding environments.




Business Environments

Our projects focus on enabling any energy market player to optimize its asset portfolio while mitigating risks. Topics include portfolio position calculation, forecasting capabilities, price setting, gridfee computation and end-to-end energy balance reporting.

Intelligent Control for Consumption Sites

We are building a real-time supply-demand control system that can cope with diverse production and storage installations while fully accounting for local consumption constraints. Our product empowers clients to turn their flexibility into profit by responding to market price signals.

Data Management & Insights

We create tools to extract and transform data to gain insights in opportunities for cost savings and investments. This toolbox allows us to rapidly deliver a variety of analyses such as technology sizing, profile analysis and asset performance.


About Us

irex Consulting is a straightforward business engineering consultancy specialized in the energy industry.

We are experts in energy market dynamics and processes, consumer challenges and energy technologies.

Further to our consultancy activities, we are actively building energy management and control software.

Our Clients

Energy market players - Our consultancy services range from strategic advice over business operations engineering down to energy technology design.

Large energy consumers - As experts in energy engineering, we adopt a fully integrated approach and assist our clients from idea sizing to project implementation.


irex Consulting
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47 Boulevard Saint Michel 1040 Brussels, Belgium